Virtual Anderson Room

Welcome to the Virtual Anderson Room

Missing the Anderson Room? Welcome to the virtual version. Pull up one of our comfortable blue chairs (upright and computer chairs also available). Feel free to bring along a beverage of your choice, your favourite snacks, and music. Pets are also welcome.

As promised. Busts of the guardians of the Anderson Room, Alfredo Campoli and Sir Arthur Bliss.

Our resident staff will be dropping in regularly. We pride ourselves on our usual swift fetching times – generally 5-10 minutes, except over lunch times. Sadly fetching may currently take several months, but in the meantime, we are here to help with enquiries.

You can leave a comment or query below.

Photos, stories, and memories of the Anderson Room and the UL Music Collections are also most welcome.

The Music Team


2 Responses to Virtual Anderson Room

  1. anon says:

    Could you tell us more about the two busts visible in one of the pictures?


    • mj263 says:

      Certainly! The one to the left is of violinist, Alfredo Campoli, who left his collection of music to the UL. Much of this is the music that he used in performance and is heavily annotated.

      The larger bust in the middle is of Sir Arthur Bliss, composer, and Master of the Queen’s Music. He attended Cambridge before the First World War, and most of his archive including his music scores is at the UL.

      Will post up some clearer pictures shortly.


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