In search of Quixote

Third authorized edition of Don Quixote / Cervantes.
Valencia : Pedro Patricio Mey, 1605

When not up to my neck in the world of MusiCB3, I read….a lot…probably far too much (if that’s possible). My current read is a novel that I’ve been meaning to tackle for a very long time – Don Quixote. It’s one of those books where the sheer size can be rather off-putting, but as soon as you start reading, it grabs you and doesn’t let go. So for the last week I’ve spent most of my spare time in early seventeenth-century Spain.

Of course there’s plenty of music that has been inspired by Don Quixote too, so where to start? Where better than with Roberto Gerhard? Continue reading

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Jane Austen 200

This week, the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death has been marked in many different ways, including a statue unveiling, and a first look at the new plastic ten pound note featuring Austen, which has already attracted comment over its choice of quotation. Through the year in Cambridge there have been lots of Austen-related events, including exhibitions and illustration competitions. Keen to get in on the action, today MusiCB3 looks at Austen and some of her musically-inclined characters…

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Water Music 300

Handel by Thomas Hudson, 1748

This month, Handel’s Water Music celebrates its 300th birthday, so we here at MusiCB3 thought we’d take a moment to slip anchor, and go on a little sailing trip for ourselves to see what we might catch. And may I say, how pleasant it is to be back in the 18th century, taking a little break from the delights of the Hans Keller archive. So, to business:

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Riga, Liigo!

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IAML, the International Association of Music Libraries, Associations and Documentation Centres, has a great tradition of organising annual congresses all over the world, providing music information professionals with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the field, liaise and network, and help shape and influence the profession and future developments. The conference this year took place in Riga, during the week leading up to the summer solstice celebrations, Liigo. Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day is on July 1st. This year’s event will be rather more special than usual as it is the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, with big parties planned all across Canada. Radio 3 has been celebrating Canada 150 too, with a week long schedule featuring Canadian musicians. So, are you struggling to select your Canadian musical favourites? Here’s a quick selection…. Continue reading

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Hans Keller and the anti-programme note programme note: a tale in 1231 words

Programmes from the Hans Keller archive

For this post, I am calling in the specialist and allowing him the floor to make his case. Dear reader, I leave you in the capable hands of Hans Keller for the next 1,184 words [with the occasional editorial interjection to ensure your attention has not wandered]. Continue reading

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A gift from Lehigh. Part II.

Lehigh University’s Band “The Marching ’97” in 1968.
Thanks to Special Collections, Lehigh University Libraries, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Last week I explained how Sir Arthur Bliss came to compose a fanfare for an American college football team, Lehigh University, who were desperate to defeat their old rivals, Lafayette. Jonathan Elkus, then director of Lehigh’s Concert Band discovered that the Blisses were in the United States for a performance of another Bliss’ work, and invited them to Lehigh to hear the fanfare and see the game.

The Blisses accepted the invitation and were soon en route. Continue reading

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