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Reel Significance (I): Deryck Cooke and Havergal Brian

Thanks to a donation from an anonymous benefactor, it has been possible to make digital preservation copies of the dozens of reel-to-reel tapes that were in Deryck Cooke’s possession at the end of his life, and which are held at … Continue reading

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Reverting to Type. . .

On reflection, it isn’t really surprising that so many of the items forming the Deryck Cooke Archive are undated and even unidentified. Not only was Cooke’s death in October 1976 sudden and unexpected, but his workload in those last years … Continue reading

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In Defence of Delius: Introducing the ‘Deryck Cooke Delius Bibliography’

For thirty years after WWII, Deryck Cooke (1919-76) was a leading advocate for the music of Bruckner and Mahler – and, in spite of his premature death, lived long enough to see both composers accorded a prominent place in Britain’s … Continue reading

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Mahler’s Tenth Symphony: An Unexpected Gap…

Among the most important items in the Deryck Cooke Archive (currently being processed and catalogued) are those relating to Cooke’s engagement with the music of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911). In particular, there are the materials connected with his production of a … Continue reading

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Collecting Cooke (II)

Deryck Cooke’s book The Language of Music (O.U.P., 1959) has become such an icon of post-WW2 British musicology that one can easily forget that there was a time when it was brand-new – and readers up and down the country … Continue reading

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Collecting Cooke (I)

One of the most exciting consequences of placing information about an archival collection on the internet is the way it encourages private individuals with no academic affiliations to come forward and donate related materials that they have in their possession. … Continue reading

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‘Turning over an old leaf…’

One of the more curious features of the material that constitutes the Deryck Cooke Archive is that even though Cooke published hundreds of articles, reviews and other writings over a 30-year period, his papers do not contain a large number … Continue reading

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