Just chatting about VW

Susi and Margaret just chatting about Vaughan Williams

To end our series of Vaughan Williams related blog posts to celebrate Vaughan Williams’ 150th anniversary, MusiCB3 presents its first podcast, as Susi Woodhouse and Margaret Jones, MusiCB3 regulars, and contributors to the #RVW150 posts, discuss the anniversary and their different approaches to VW. We do hope you enjoy it.

We’ve included some notes and music here to use alongside the podcast. Should you need to pause the podcast, either click Play to continue, or simply click the X to go back into playing mode.

This will be the last MusiCB3 post for 2022. We hope that all our readers and followers have a wonderful Christmas, and we look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year.

Vaughan Williams podcast notes and music

A festive early memory at 1′ 28″
The opening of the Sea symphony blew away MJ. 2′ 50″

7′ 25″ Alwyn, i.e. William Alwyn

8′ 01″ Doreen Carwithen

10′ 22″ It was indeed the Ministry of Information.

13′ 08″ For 7th read 8th!

For 7th read 8th! 13′ 08″
The impressive and terrifying drum section of Dona Nobis Pacem as mentioned at 13′ 46″

15′ 50″ It is NOT Sancta Civitas. The exercise for the Mus. Bac. was a setting of Vexilla Regis.

16′ 20″ The Wasps claim may not be as outrageous as it sounds. The slightly later Greek play production The Frogs was also a high budget event with silver gilt used for the backdrop.

18′ 25″ Vaughan Williams letters online – https://vaughanwilliamsfoundation.org/discover/letters/

21′ 21″ Vaughan Williams, the people’s choice, and Lark

23′ 17″

23′ 50″ For more on VW, film music, and 49th Parallel, see VW goes to war and the movies.

25′ 16″ Both Susi and I have had too much Mahler, but we both knew what we meant – Songs of the Wayfarer are of course the Songs of Travel.

25′ 31″

25′ 58″ Still meaning 8th!



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