A new academic year starts at the Pendlebury Library of Music

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A warm welcome back to our students and staff, and especially to all our new graduate and undergraduate students.  The Pendlebury Library of Music has had a busy start to term and it’s been great to be able to welcome people into the library and give orientation tours, following the restrictions of the pandemic years.  We’ve given tours to about 100 people both here at the Pendlebury Library in the Faculty and at the Music Department based in the Anderson Room of the University Library (UL) -shout out to our colleagues across the road!

Kate and I presented a session to the new undergraduates in induction week, “Negotiating the Music Maze” covering the mysteries of finding your way around the iDiscover catalogues, top tips on searching for music resources and how to search for sheet music at the UL.  Lots of questions and useful chat afterwards with students, many of whom we are now seeing regularly in the library.

There will also be a session on Music copyright in November both on Zoom and an in-person version at the UL too. For more information on all sessions and to book see Training (you only need to book one session!).

For returning staff and students, we have made some changes over the summer, particularly to the Reading Room.  The print journals have now been moved out to make space for our growing collections based on current teaching.  Print music journal titles are still available at the UL and almost all titles are available online.  This has created space for us to be able to reunite our Reference Collection which has historically been split between the Reading Room and the main library. Scroll through the gallery above to see some of our changes!

Also new to the Reading Room is the Short Loan Collection.  Print titles that are in high demand on reading lists are given a One Day Loan status, and we have consolidated this collection into two bays just inside the Reading Room.  This makes it much clearer that these items are on short loan and also helps us to manage the collection as courses and reading list titles change.  We’ve also migrated the past exam papers and examples of Tripos work to the Reading Room, as these are also non-borrowable items which sit well next to the main reference sequence.

This has created space in the main library to fill the shelves leading down to the catalogue terminals with our unbound sheet music.  This collection is gradually being weeded to remove and replace well-used items and to identify sets with missing parts.  We are also purchasing new scores, often in response to student requests – which is adding depth and breadth to the collections.  The display rack in the Reading Room entrance previously used for current journal issues, is now our New Scores rack – feel free to borrow from this rack!

A quick reminder of the Music LibGuide where you will find all the information you need to get started on finding your way around the music libraries.  A particular mention for the new recommendation form  which sits at the top right of the Music Collections tab on the Music LibGuide.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in either the UL or the Pendlebury, you can fill in the form to suggest something for purchase – book, music score, CD, DVD.  Once submitted, the form will go to the music libraries teams and we will check thoroughly that your requested item is not already in the system somewhere, before considering it for purchase.  If you have a deadline for your request, please do submit your recommendations early – ie. If you wish to perform next term, and can’t find your score and parts, then submit your form this term.  Sometimes items we purchase can take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive, particularly if they are not from UK publishers or readily available to purchase in the UK.

Finally, the audio room in the Pendlebury now has a PC which can be used if you need to print  – you can log on with your Raven password.  You can print via DS-print (you will need to set up your DS-print account the first time you use it) and use your Faculty credit when printing in the Pendlebury Library.  There are also two monitors and keyboards with a USB C connector for laptops, for student use.


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