Pendlebury Library – Summer happenings and looking forward

The new term is almost upon us, so time for a quick round-up of what’s been happening over the summer months with lots of work going on in both the Faculty of Music and the Pendlebury Library of Music. We’ll also take a look forward to the coming academic year.

In the Concert Hall building, a major project to remove the old chiller plant that controls the air-conditioning in the Concert Hall has now been completed. The new plant is now housed in a purpose-built building adjacent to the main building following a few months work and some interesting movements of huge bits of kit on fork-lift trucks past the library windows with just centimetres to spare! The stage in the concert hall has also been completely refurbished. Over the summer it was spread out in the foyer like a giant jigsaw puzzle for sanding and varnishing.

In the library, we are currently undergoing electrical works to replace all the lighting with energy-efficient, motion-controlled LED lights. This project will also give us emergency lighting, so no longer should we be plunged into darkness during a winter’s afternoon power cut! Various minor works are also underway, including investigations into areas of the library that are prone to water getting in during a sudden heavy downpour, as happened recently.

Errolyn Wallen (picture credit Gaby Merz)

During the year we have actively been expanding our collections to give greater emphasis to BAME and women composers (see one of our previous blogposts) . We are delighted that this week the Faculty of Music have announced the appointment of  Errollyn Wallen CBE, composer and alumna of the Faculty and King’s College, as the holder of this year’s Wort Residency. During her Residency, Errollyn Wallen will be working with the Cambridge University Orchestra on performances of her music, giving a Colloquium, and performing songs from the Errollyn Wallen Songbook, as well as meeting with students individually.

Library staff have been working on creating online reading lists for uploading to the University’s VLE Moodle, and learning how to create the lists in Leganto – the university’s online reading list system. These can provide direct links through to the Library catalogue, for easier access to books, scores, journal articles and eBooks.

Pendlebury Reading Room

Library staff have also been getting the library ready for the start of term, taking chairs out of storage and returning them to the reading room. The Pendlebury Library is open for walk-in access, enabling you to study, browse and borrow – there is no longer a requirement to book a slot to browse, borrow or request a study space. We’re asking all our users to please continue to follow guidance around use of space and adhere to the maximum occupancy levels as indicated in the library. The Pendlebury Library bookdrop is available just outside the main door in the foyer for you to return your books during Music Faculty opening times.

We’ve made a few changes – audio listening equipment is now available in the Dent Room, together with one of the keyboards.

We will continue to keep the library well-ventilated this term, so the windows will be open – make sure you dress warmly if you are settling down to study in the Reading Room.

We continue to keep the Music LibGuide updated with news about the library (latest updates on the COVID tab) and links to a wealth of music resources which you can find both in the library or access online. Do follow us on Twitter (@PendleburyLib) or on Facebook too.

We’re very much looking forward to welcoming our students back into the library. For many of them it will be their first visit. Pendlebury library tours will shortly be promoted to students – due to pandemic restrictions we are moving away from having everybody in the library at the same time, but you will be able to book onto a small group tour of 4 people, led by a member of the library staff. These will be spaced out over the coming weeks, and will continue to be offered in response to demand. Our colleagues at the Music Department of the University Library will also be offering small group tours throughout the term.


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