What’s been happening at the Pendlebury Library?

Searching, finding, organising, checking, explaining, informing, scanning, uploading, buying,…. just a few of the things we’ve been doing at the Pendlebury Library. 

Working at the Pendlebury Library since Christmas has been a very different experience. Due to the 3rd lockdown restrictions, we have been single-staffed at the Library, usually with just one of the building custodians and one member of the Concert Hall staff in the building to keep us company! 

Services have been continuing to library users, but limited this term to zero-contact ones, under the COVID restrictions.  All the  services we can currently offer are publicised on the Music LibGuide.  

Shiny Click and Collect lockers.

A Click & Collect service has been running for those students who are in Cambridge, with requests submitted online linking to the required items from the iDiscover catalogue.  We may not be up to John Lewis’ volume of Click & Collect orders, but we’re doing pretty well under the circumstances!  Requests submitted on our webform are processed each day, fetching the items from the shelves and issuing them to the user, then sending them a link to book a collection slot.  We’ve re-purposed the library locker room to make some of the lockers zero-contact Click & collect points with timed appointments to avoid overlap between users. 

Obviously it’s more difficult for those students who are not back in Cambridge to access the resources, but the Scan and Deliver service is proving popular.  We have been scanning indexes and contents pages to help people decide what they need to request via Scan & Deliver, as it can be difficult to know exactly which chapter you need when you can’t browse the book. 

Negotiations are ongoing with the Faculty about the possibility of opening up the library space a little more for study after Easter, so we are cautiously optimistic that we may be able to offer something soon, in the way of study space.  At the moment ventilation surveys of the whole building are being undertaken, to assess recommended occupancy levels. 

During lockdown we’ve been working on expanding our collections to include more BAME and women composers.   

Errollyn Wallen scores added to borrowable stock

New eBooks & eResources. 

It goes without saying that eBooks have been the “hero” for many students during lockdown.  Having completed eBook purchasing training, we can now order eBooks ourselves for the Pendlebury, which has speeded up the access.  Depending on the provider, access can be sometimes granted for purchased titles within hours. The eBooks team at the University Library have been invaluable in adding newly purchased titles to the iDiscover catalogue within days.  Depending on the provider, access can be sometimes granted for purchased titles within hours. 

New eResources for Music have been purchased within this last term. RIPM North American and European Music Periodicals Preservation series collection is available to access until 30 April 2021. 

Medici.TV The world’s leading classical music channel is now available to access for all University of Cambridge members, including access to operas, ballets, concerts, mater-classes and documentaries.  More than 100 live events are broadcast each year, in partnership with the world’s most prestigious venues, opera houses, festivals and competitions. 

Box of Broadcasts, from Learning on Screen, is available to access via Shibboleth (institutional) log-in. Access is only available within the UK to everything apart from the BBC news reports.

Some more positives from Lockdown 3: 

On the plus side, the library plants seem to be flourishing!  One that is in the lobby as you enter the library has decided to flower for the first time ever, and it’s been there for many years! 

The two full-time members of the Pendlebury staff have been working alternate days in the library and working at home for the rest of the time.  Most other Arts and Humanities libraries on the Sidgwick site have been doing similar, although I have managed one or two socially-distanced coffee breaks on the well-spaced picnic benches, which have really lifted the spirits being able to see and chat to library colleagues in person (although most of us in sore need of haircuts!)   

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can gradually start working towards our normal library services and being able to see staff and students again. In the meantime, please do contact the library with any queries you may have – no question is too small – and we’ll be happy to help.



Last, but by no means least, we are very happy to welcome shortly James Luff to the staff of the Pendlebury Library.  James will be covering for Kate’s maternity leave absence. 

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