Snap happy

Today’s post comes to you courtesy of a last-minute puncture. Staff have been gradually returning to the Pendlebury Library over the last couple of weeks, and this morning I was all ready to cycle over for my first day back in the building. The back wheel of my bike had other ideas, however, so walking it was! However, the silver lining was that this meant I could get over-excited about going back and take lots of pictures of my walk through Cambridge. You are cordially invited to accompany me for the most interesting part of my walk, and a glimpse of the Pendebury…

After walking through the market place and past the CUP bookshop, off I go down Senate House Passage. Last time I was here there were some people modelling bridal dresses and taking pictures, but no such entertainment today. A bit early perhaps!

And then down Garret Hostel Lane…

Over Garret Hostel Bridge, pausing to admire the view on either side.

Much excitement at spotting a heron (I think!) on the other side of the bridge –

Past the UL, and here I am at the Music Faculty. Long time no see!

It was lovely to see the Pendlebury again after so many months. The plants have all done a good job of looking after themselves; with the freedom to roam about the library they have now read their way through most of the books, and are ready to take their exams, I imagine. I like to think they also made the most of the sheet music and formed a few musical ensembles, doubtless with the assistance of the Coca-Cola Can Choir, and perhaps some of the statues who also live in the Pendlebury.

(Plant photos by HS!)

With apologies for a frivolous first-day-back post,


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