IAML Board@Cambridge

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The IAML Board spent their leap year day in Cambridge for the mid-year Board meeting. Where better to shelter from blustery winds and torrential rains than at the Pendlebury Library?

IAML, the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, plays a key role in supporting and developing the music information profession. As a professional organisation, IAML works on an international level and is closely linked with music communities worldwide.

IAML was founded in 1951 and will soon be celebrating its 70th anniversary. Although the way we do things may have changed over the years, we have a solid tradition and foundation on which we continue to build. The Four Rs of international music research form a perfect example. Current IAML aims (quoted from the brochure) are as follows:

  • to encourage and promote the activities of music libraries, archives and documentation centres and to strengthen cooperation among individuals and institutions working in these fields
  • to promote a better understanding of the cultural importance of music institutions nationally and internationally
  • to promote professional education and training
  • to support projects that improve the provision of music services through bibliography, cataloguing, preservation, digitization and research
  • to promote the particular needs of music within the general library framework.

National branches form an important part of how IAML works and in Cambridge, the joint music teams are currently very involved in the work of IAML both on a national and international level. Faithful followers of MusiCB3 will undoubtedly have come across some of our musings before.

Having been elected as one of the vice-presidents during the summer, this was my first mid-year Board meeting and it was a pleasure to host the meeting at Cambridge. A quick visit to the University Library gave our guests the opportunity to look at some of our music treasures, but apart from that it was down to IAML business. As with any large organization, governance plays an important role and it is amazing how quickly two days can pass discussing current matters.¬†One of these is the organization of the elections of officers for institutional and subject sections. Officers are elected for a term of three years and the upcoming elections will take place at the summer congress in Prague. Involvement in the work of the sections is an excellent professional development opportunity for IAML members. Through active participation in IAML, members can actively contribute to shaping the profession, and that is something I can’t recommend strongly enough.


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