2020: Looking forward…

To follow on from last week’s post looking back over 2019, today we look ahead for a glimpse of what’s in store for MusiCB3 in the coming year, as well as some of the musical anniversaries and events coming up at the beginning of the new decade.

With this new decade marking one hundred years since the ‘roaring twenties’, at least one of the MusiCB3 team is eagerly awaiting the nostalgia-fuelled return of fashionable trends such as the drop waist dress, the cloche hat, and the Charleston. Until such things reappear, however, I will have to content myself with finding out what was arriving at the Cambridge University Library music collections during the 1920s. Look out for 1920’s themed blog posts coming soon…

In terms of musical anniversaries, Beethoven has a rather significant birthday coming up this year. Watch this space for MuisCB3’s Beethoven 250 anniversary celebrations in the spring! Other musical dates for your diary in 2020 include the 400th anniversary of the death of Thomas Campion, the 500th anniversary of the birth of Vincenzo Galilei, and 200 years since the birth of Jenny Lind (late of this blog).

Other historical figures with significant anniversaries coming up in 2020 include Charles Edward Stuart, or Bonnie Prince Charlie (300 years since his birth), and Florence Nightingale (200 years since her birth). Perhaps these events might provide a good opportunity to dust off some relevant items from the music collections. There are certainly plenty of musical references to Bonnie Prince Charlie among the collections, and a quick search for Florence Nightingale-related music shows that this spans at least 250 years – from an 1870s song dedicated to Nightingale, to a musical about her, published in 2013, aimed at primary school children.

Happy new year to all MusiCB3 readers! Here’s to hoping that the 2020s will ‘roar’ in the right ways.




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