Discovering music at MusiCB3

It has been a busy couple of weeks at MusiCB3, with the start of term and the beginning of a new academic year! We’ve enjoyed meeting lots of new music students at our library induction tours, both at the UL and the Pendlebury. There is a lot to take in during your first few weeks in Cambridge, and so for this week’s post I’ve put together a list of useful starting points for anyone getting to grips with using the music library collections for the first time…

LibGuides for Music

Firstly, the Music LibGuides pages. We may possibly have mentioned LibGuides just once or twice already during various induction events..! These pages give an overview of the music library collections, with information about locating physical collections, as well as online resources. They include suggestions for starting points for research, information about music databases, links to helpful resources, and referencing tips.



Your library search engine for Cambridge University Libraries. You can search across all libraries, or narrow it down as you need to to. The Cambridge LibGuides pages have a helpful guide to using iDiscover, here.

idiscover snip

Moodle Moodle

The Pendlebury Library pages on Moodle include information on music resources at Cambridge University Libraries. The slides from Part IA library skills session ‘Negotiating the Music Maze’ are also up on Moodle.


MusiCB3 Blog 

Here on the MusiCB3 Blog we have posts explaining the UL’s classmark system for music – try these posts if you are struggling!

Cracking the code….or a brief guide to open-shelf music classmarks

Cracking the code – the return

Another recent blog post explains how to access the university’s Naxos accounts.



Social Media 

Follow us and keep up to date with library news! We have a joint Facebook page for the Music Collections at Pendlebury and University Library, as well as a shared Twitter account @MusiCB3t. For Pendlebury Library news, follow us @PendleburyLib – use this account to look out for news of the fabled Pendlebury ‘Grab and Run’ boxes next week…


Tweet tweet!


Ask us!

Do come and talk to us either at the Anderson Room or the Pendlebury Library if you need help with using the music libraries, or if you just want to say hello!


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