Pendlebury Library of Music: the end of the academic year.

The end of another academic year at the Pendlebury Library of Music is now upon us, so here’s a quick reminder of some of the highlights.

Pendlebury Reading Room new electrical sockets

Pendlebury Reading Room new electrical sockets

In the Easter vacation, our Reading Room was updated to provide electrical sockets and USB charging points on two-thirds of the desk areas, in response to student requests.  No more crawling around under the desks to plug a laptop into one of the few sockets cunningly disguised under brass flaps in the carpet tiles!

Library staff have continued to work through the large donation from Gwilym Beechey with many music scores and books being added to the Pendlebury stock.  A second sizeable donation of CDs from Steve Hills arrived in the library this year and is in the process of being catalogued.  Just last week the Faculty received a splendid donation of 135 CDs from the Neos Label of the BBVA Foundation, which is notable for the premiere recordings of several modern composers.

Nord Electro 6D

Nord Electro 6D Synthesiser

The Faculty has purchased some new instruments this year, some of which are housed in the Pendlebury Library.  Three new keyboards and an organ have arrived and two of these are currently available for use in the library.  The Nord Synthesiser and Yamaha piano P515 are in the Supervision Room and the Audio Room respectively – all you need to do is to collect a pair of headphones from the Library issue desk and you’re away!

The Pendlebury Library staff recently took part in an AwayDay with library staff from all the other School of Arts and Humanities Libraries.  Each library created a poster of our enquiries – the Pendlebury Library won the “Hardest Enquiry” category with the highest number of sticky dot votes…

Pendlebury enquiries poster

Pendlebury Library enquiries poster

In April, Kate and I set off from Cambridge for College Court, Leicester for the IAML Annual Study Weekend.  It was a great chance to meet other colleagues working in music libraries and to put some faces to names.  Kate was awarded the E. T Bryant Memorial Prize for her dissertation at the conference.

Finally, our Hoya Carnosa plant which is now over 36 years old, continues to thrive, and is currently blooming all the way up to the ceiling!  Who knew in around 1983 when it arrived that it would still be doing its bit for the environment as one of the best plants at removing indoor pollutants from the atmosphere – University of Georgia study




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