2019: Looking forward…

Following on from Margaret’s post last week looking back over 2018, this week MusiCB3 looks ahead to some of the musical anniversaries and events of the coming year!


The Anderson Room display cases are showing off some the the new acquisitions at the UL, with a case devoted to John Donne planned for later in January.

50 years since the Beatles gave their last public performance, on the rooftop of Apple Records in London (30 January 1969).

Public Domain Day on 1st January was a particularly significant one for the US, with American publications from 1923 entering public domain for the first time owing to the expiration of a twenty year copyright extension. Musical works entering the public domain range from Stravinsky’s Octet for wind instruments, to Noel Coward’s revue ‘London Calling!’.


175 years since the birth of Charles-Marie Widor.


100th anniversary of the birth of Hans Keller. Cambridge will celebrate the centenary with events at the UL, the Music Faculty, and Clare Hall on the 16th March. Details about these events, as well as events in London (a study day, concerts, and book launch!) can be found on the Hans Keller Centenary website.

150th anniversary of the death of Hector Berlioz.


200 years since the birth of Charles Hallé. Manchester Central Library will celebrate with an exhibition: The Life and Career of Charles Halle.


The Sixteen will celebrate 40 years since their first concert.


 200th anniversary of the birth of Jacques Offenbach. His native city Cologne have already started celebrating. Yes they can can.



The beginning of the 125th season of the BBC Proms.


400th anniversary of the birth of Barbara Strozzi.

50th anniversary of the death of Theodor Adorno.


200th anniversary of the birth of Clara Schumann. Among the events to mark the anniversary is a three day festival in London.


MusiCB3 will explore Walton’s score to Henry V for its 75th anniversary.

60 years since the New York opening of Flanders and Swann’s revue (or ‘After Dinner Farrago’) At the Drop of a Hat. A fact I stumbled upon whilst fighting off the January blues with their ‘Song of the Weather’…



300th anniversary of the birth of Leopold Mozart.


75th anniversary of the death of Amy Beach.


There are certainly plenty of things missing from this list! Let us know in the comments what I’ve missed out, and happy 2019 to all MusiCB3 readers!



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