Discovering music collections

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As this year’s welcome to our new students, I would like to touch very briefly on ways of discovering and exploring music collections in Cambridge and beyond. Some of this might sound familiar to those of you who have recently attended either the undergraduate Music Maze or music graduate Library skills and databases sessions.   

The information landscape, our collections and services keep changing and, we hope, improving and we try to capture the essence of what we have to offer in our Music LibGuide. In the guide you will find information on physical and digital collections, collection development framework and information on how to recommend items, links to sites that offer guidance on copyright for music and more. Our music subject guide is in good company; Cambridge offers a range of guides useful to music students including ones on Ebooks, audiovisual resources, electronic legal deposit, plagiarism, reference management, and film and screen studies.

Discovering music and information about music goes well beyond what you can find on iDiscover. There is also Janus, the archival catalogue, our cherry picked list of recommended music related eresources, the full range of eresources, dedicated music archive webpages, archival handlists, fascinating card catalogues, and last but not least, a great team of knowledgeable staff who can provide information about Pendlebury Library as well as University Library collections.

The selective list of eresources, containing both subscription and free online music resources, is of course only a fraction of what is available online both within and outside Cambridge. From the favourites I mentioned a while ago, a surprising number continue to go strong. In addition to that, many libraries continue to provide selections of newly digitized materials and digital libraries relating to music keep growing.

If you are interested in exploring a particular research topic but feel unsure where to start, or hit obstacles along the way, we offer one-to-one subject sessions throughout the year that can help in exploring the world wide music maze.







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