Autumn at MusiCB3

Cambridge has turned a bit autumnal lately. After the ridiculously hot summer, I’m finding chilly cycle rides a bit of a shock to the system! However, Autumn in Cambridge is an exciting time as it means that the beginning of Michaelmas term is almost upon us. People come back from their holidays, rehearsals and concerts are back in full swing, we welcome new faces and welcome back familiar ones, the academic year creaks into gear once again. In between preparations for the start of term, I managed to find some autumnal title page illustrations in the Victorian sheet music collection…

Autumn waltzes / arranged by Alphonse Cary. Classmark: A1885.891

Autumn 1

Title page colour illustration: a lady with bare feet wearing a white robe walking through an autumnal landscape by ‘A.B. Court, litho’.


Signs of autumn / written by W.B. Lord ; music by Clinton. Classmark: A1871.1942

Autumn 6

“Sung by Mr. J.K. Lord, F.Z.S. in his new entertainment entitled The canoe, the rifle and the axe” Title page colour illustration: of autumnal scene in the country.


Autumn manœuvres : march & polka : [piano] solo / by C.H.R. Marriott. Classmark: A1872.823

Autumn 4

Title page illustration: Scottish soldiers round camp fire by ‘T.W. Lee, lith.’.


The four seasons ; No. 3. Autumn: reverie / by Carl Rosenstein. Classmark: A1873.492(3)

Autumn 3

Title page illustration on each cover by ‘Stannard & Son, imp.’


Autumn leaves waltzes : [op. 12] / composed by T.J. Taylor. Classmark: A1874.572

Autumn 2

Title page illustration: girls gathering leaves in a wood by ‘L’Enfant & White, lith’.



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