Musical maps

Street pianoA conversation with a reader the other day about street pianos led to me stumbling across this.

Mapping the ‘Play me, I’m yours‘ street piano project, the site records the locations of street pianos past and present. It is also somewhere for people to upload their recordings of the pianos being played – this is the page for the piano in the Grand Arcade in Cambridge.

Speaking as someone who cannot read a map for toffee and can get lost in the most inventive of ways on the simplest of journeys, it’s nice to look at a map without any intention of going anywhere. I proceeded to gather up all the other music and sound maps I could find…

The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library website has a ‘traditions map’ plotting the items from their song indexes, dance and tune indexes, street literature indexes and lots more.

The British Library’s collection of sound maps bring together recordings from all over the world, from various different recordings projects at different times, such as this 1969 recording of The Keel Row from Durham.

The BL’s sound maps also include map of accents, and the lovely Sounds of our shores project.

Singing fish

Disclaimer: no singing fish on the map

Looking at popular music, there are several sites that try to map what chart music is being streamed where – you can browse no 1 chart songs in different parts of the world with this map. The Musicmap site maps the genealogy and history of  popular music genres in relation to each other.

The London Sound Survey has a click-able map which charts recordings from different parts of London, and also more specific maps like this one for London’s waterways. This ‘auditory tribute to Harry Beck’s Underground map’ collects sounds from London’s rivers and canals.

Anyone know any more musical maps..?!







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  1. mj263 says:

    The John Cage 4′ 33″ app has a map that shows you performances across the globe. You can listen to them too –

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