Meet… Robert Leonard

MusiCB3: What has your road to librarianship been? 


Robert at a dance in St Andrews

I worked in Queens’ College library during the summer for several years when I was in school and worked in the library at the Isaac Newton Institute.

Before working at the Pendlebury, where have you been?

Before I came to the Pendlebury I worked at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences for about 5 years.

Favourite composers/types of music?

I prefer to listen to a wide variety of rock and especially metal music particularly favouring classic heavy metal such as Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden as my defaults when I do not know what else to listen to.

Other than that, I listen to a wide range of videogame and film sound tracks, particular favourites being from the game Final Fantasy VII by Nobuo Uematsu. I also listen to lots of Scottish Country dance music, which can be either recent music published in the newest dancing books or ancient dance tunes translated from old manuscripts.

Do you play any instruments?

I started playing the violin when I was in infant school and reached grade 5 where I was happy and then just played it for my own enjoyment. After sixth form, I rarely played until this year when I have begun to play a lot more focusing exclusively on the Scottish dancing music I used to play a lot when I was younger and which I enjoy dancing to now.

What do you like about working in Cambridge most?

Cambridge is a beautiful city, is nice and compact and has a very cycle friendly city centre, which is wonderful for me since I can cycle or walk into town to get shopping done during lunch.

Any hidden talents?

It is hardly a hidden talent but I am an avid Scottish Country dancer and dance at least two evenings a week with another evening every fortnight for highland dancing. I have also already booked three trips away to go dancing in this academic year excluding another longer dancing holiday that I have yet to plan during the summer.

Robert Leonard works in the Pendlebury Library of Music. 

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