Meet… Catherine Taylor

MusiCB3: What has your road to librarianship been?


Catherine in the UL Anderson Room

As part of my YTS Training Scheme, I was given a work placement in the library at Lion Yard. I also worked in the library of Cambridge College of Further Education (now Cambridge Regional College). That experience led on to working here in the UL.

Before working at the UL Music Department, where have you been?

Before working in the Music Department, I worked in the Periodicals Department for many years.

Do you read any foreign languages?

Not really! I did a smattering of French at school, and a little self-taught German later on. I also taught myself a bit of Latin at one point – that’s something I would like to take up again one day!

Favourite types of music?

I like quite a bit of pop music, particularly from the 80s, such as Phil Collins and Siouxsie and the Banshees. I also listen to a lot of film music and television soundtracks; recently I’ve really been enjoying Debbie Wiseman‘s soundtrack to the BBC’s Wolf Hall, a television series based the novels by Hilary Mantel.

A favourite composer is Michael Nyman, who has written a lot of film music, for example the score for The Piano. Lately I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to The Draughtsman’s Contract. Nyman’s score for this is based on music by Purcell.

Do you play any instruments?

 I had lessons on the electric organ as a teenager, but I was really more interested in listening to music than playing it at that point.  The lessons were in a place in Bar Hill where many years ago you could go for group lessons and then practice on your own using headphones. The headphones were rather uncomfortable I remember!

What do you like about working in Cambridge most?

I have always lived in Cambridgeshire. I think Cambridge is a very beautiful city, with lovely buildings and plenty of bookshops!

Any hidden talents?

I am pretty good at crochet and knitting.

Catherine Taylor works in the Music Department and at the Reader Services Desk of Cambridge University Library. 

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