“It was 50 years ago today…”

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released in America on 2nd June 1967, shortly after the UK release. The golden anniversary of the Beatles’ alter ego band is being celebrated by various events, such as a ‘Sgt, Pepper at 50’ festival in Liverpool, and the release of a new documentary about the band. In the 50 years since Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play (or should that be 70, actually?) various Beatles-related items have arrived at the UL. With a little help from my friends over at the Pendlebury, I have put together a small selection of Beatles-related finds, which should be enough to keep you going for at least eight days a week…

At the Pendlebury:

Sgt. Pepper album on CD (classmark: CD.B.32)

Complete with cover art and key to people who appear on it.

sgt pepper








The Beatles anthology (classmark: DVD.A.20-24)

Documentary on five DVDs – “a visual history of the Beatles beginning in 1940 and ending with the breakup of the band at the end of the ’60s. Includes their songs, successes and failures.”

Beatles dvds


The Beatles Complete Scores (classmark: Pb.303.19B.B1)

Scores and lyrics to all songs that the Beatles recorded, with staff and tablature notation and chord symbols.
day in the life


At the UL:

Beatles song collections (classmark: B1967.16 and others)

These song books, published by Northern Songs limited, are among the earliest Beatles items to arrive in the UL.

Beatles scores







Northern Songs : the true story of the Beatles song publishing empire / by Brian Southall with Rupert Perry (classmark: M950.c.200.987)

A look at the Beatles’ publishers, and record industry politics.

Northern Songs


The Beatles: the authorised biography / by Hunter Davies (classmark: MR497.c.95.1)

A biography first published in 1968. As well as this edition there are also later ones on the open shelves available to borrow!

Davies Beatles

Brian Epstein: the man who made the Beatles / by Ray Coleman (classmark: MR501.d.95.38)

A biography of the Beatles’ manager.

Brian Epstein


The Beatles / by Theresa Celsi (classmark: MR501.e.95.2)

This wins the prize for the tiniest Beatles book – pencil for scale!

Celsi Beatles

A browse of iDiscover will bring up many more Beatles resources!

As well as all this, the UL does hold an original LP of the album, which made its way to Cambridge all the way from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania… but more on that story next week!


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