Concerts, tea, and Postman Pat

I started my work placement at the Pendlebury Library of Music on Monday 6th March, coming from Witchford Village College. I was quite excited to find out about the library and what sort of tasks I would be set as the two weeks unfolded.

Music Scores at the Pendlebury Library

Music Scores at the Pendlebury Library

On first day, I was given a tour of the Music Faculty and the surrounding sites. I was also shown how the cataloguing system in the library worked and how to charge/discharge books and scores.  As well as working within the Pendlebury Library, I had the chance to meet the West Road Concert Hall manager and find out about what goes on behind the scenes every year at the concert hall.

Books and scores at the Pendlebury Library

Books and scores at the Pendlebury Library

Later on in the week I was given a tour of the Music Department at the University Library across the road. I found this very interesting as I was shown around areas that are not open to the public due to the books being either very old or very rare. The whole experience was made even more exciting by the fact that none of the lights were working in some of the closed access areas which meant that we had to use a torch to work our way around the place!

As well as visiting the University Library, I was also given the opportunity to attend two lunchtime concerts at the concert hall put on by the University students. The first was a concert by The King’s Men – a group of eight Choral Scholars from the King’s College Choir who performed a variety of songs including a rendition of the Postman Pat theme tune, as well as other original songs. The second concert I attended was a performance of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf and Hummel’s Adagio, Theme and Variations by the Abelian Chamber Orchestra.

Throughout the first week I completed various tasks such as ordering new books, binding past exam papers and making a lot of tea! I will be helping with a Year 12 University taster day on my final day at the Library which I am looking forward to. Overall, I have enjoyed my time at the Pendlebury Library and I believe that I will remember my work placement as a valuable experience that will not be forgotten.

HS/Bonnie Scott, Witchford Village College

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