New CDs at the Pendlebury

This week on MusiCB3, we have a glimpse of a few of the new CDs available to borrow at the Pendlebury Library. Since the CDs at the Pendlebury are not browsable, as most of the books and scores are, it seems only fair to give them their five minutes of fame on here!

Here are a few of the most recent arrivals:

The Cairo Congress of Arab Music


Classmark: CD.BOX.29

The Congress of Arab Music held in Cairo in 1932 has been described as a ‘landmark’ in twentieth century musicology, as the first event of its kind dedicated to non-Western music, and also the first to dedicate so much time to sound recordings. This box set includes 18 CDs and a 256 page booklet in French, Arabic, and English.




Song Books / John Cage


Classmark: CD.K.383

The first complete recording of John Cage’s Song Books. It presents some of the ninety Solos for Voice singly, and some ‘in superimpositions that were created using chance operations’.





Danish and Faroese Recorder Concertos


Classmark: CD.V.63

Michala Petri performs recorder concertos by Thomas Koppel, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, and Sunleif Rasmussen, with Henrik Vagn Christensen and the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra.





Handel in the Wind


Classmark: CD.A.579

Red Priest describe this CD as ‘a disc that arguably should never have been made’ but also point out that although Handel ‘might raise an eyebrow’ were he to hear it, the idea of arranging, re-purposing and re-imagining well-known works would not have been a strange one to him.



Transcriptions and arrangements for organ / Rachmaninov


Classmark: CD.R.163

‘Filsell performs his own organ transcriptions of the works of Rachmaninov. The disc centres on a transcription of the Op. 45 Symphonic Dances.’





Mynstrelles with straunge sounds: the earliest consort music for viols


Classmark: CD.S.307

From the Rose Consort with Claire Wilkinson, this disc is a treasure hunt around the courts of early sixteenth century Europe for the beginnings of the viol consort.





While you’re in the library borrowing your CDs, look out for freebies! We have some boxes of books and scores to give away at the moment, so keep an eye out for anything you might like and help yourself from the ‘grab and run’ boxes!


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