Smile please! The new term has started…

We’ve reached the end of the first week of term, and welcomed to the Pendlebury Library old faces and new.  Our new intake of undergraduate students studying the Music Tripos have already had a week of induction and freshers events in college and at the Faculty of Music and are ready to get down to lectures and supervisions in earnest.

What is new at the Pendlebury Library this term?

Music Faculty HD Camcorder and Tripod

HD Camcorder and Tripod

Our newest acquisition is a Video Camcorder with accompanying full height tripod, which will shortly be made available to students to borrow.  The Canon Legria HF G40 HD Camcorder is a professional level camcorder that captures broad landscapes and detailed close ups with the 20 x f/1.8 wide angle zoom lens (24-600mm, 35mm equivalent) and simultaneously records in both AVCHD for post processing and MP4 format for immediate sharing.

This equipment  has been purchased by the Faculty of Music and will be kept in the Pendlebury Library of Music.  It will be available to borrow overnight or over a weekend and will be issued out to students via their library account.  It will complement the two hand-held audio recorders that the library already lends out to students.

Music Faculty HD Camcorder Canon Legria HF G40

Faculty of Music Camcorder Canon Legria HF G40

One of the biggest changes is a brand new way of searching the library catalogues called iDiscover, , which replaces Library Search and Library Search+.  The new system went live on 28th September 2016, and is available now to search across the library collections that make up the University of Cambridge.  You will be able to search your college library stock, as well as the music collections in both the main University Library and the Pendlebury Library of Music.


New to Cambridge this autumn – iDiscover.

Find out more about iDiscover in last week’s blogpost here

Ebook spine label

Ebook sticker on an Overnight loan book

Ebooks are becoming an increasingly popular feature, and the library strives to purchase an eBook where available for all reading list titles that are on Overnight loan in the Pendlebury collection.  We are experimenting with labelling the overnight loan copies on the shelves that have an eBook version with a bright yellow eBook sticker on the spine… so even if you can’t borrow the book during the day, at least you are alerted to the existence of an eBook version of that title as you browse the shelves.  It’s worth remembering that some popular series, such as the Cambridge Companions to Music series published by Cambridge University Press are all available as eBooks now.  So when you see the “Cambridge Companion to Liszt”, or the “Cambridge Companion to the Symphony” on your reading list, you will be able to access the electronic version as well.

Over the summer break, our two 15-year old work experience students did their best to brighten up our Supervisions room with zero budget, but lots of enthusiasm.  Our noticeboard, which was empty save a Health and Safety poster, has undergone a transformation.  If you ever wondered what we do with the book jackets we take off the new books… take a look at the collage they have created. They have also relabelled the Supervisors’ Boxes where students submit their essays and collect the marked versions.  This room, which can accommodate four people seated at a round table is available for use by Supervisors, who can book  their sessions with the Pendlebury Library.

Supervisions Room Noticeboard, Michael Gilliland, Lucy Howes 2016

Supervisions Room Noticeboard Collage

Finally, look out in the coming weeks for more in our books, scores and CDs giveaway boxes.  For those of you who don’t know, we offer to students (free of charge) items that are surplus to requirements for the library.  These may be withdrawn items from the library stock or donated items that are duplicates of what we already hold.




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