Easter term updates at the Pendlebury Library

Sweet treats Copyright: Helen Snelling

Sweet treats
Copyright: Helen Snelling

The start of a new term at the Pendlebury Library sees everyone going up a gear – students revising for examinations and trying to meet deadlines for course submissions and recital programmes.

Here in the library we try to provide encouragement, support and an oasis of calm.  Here are some of the new developments.

Revision Week at the Pendlebury Library starts on Monday 16th May, prior to the written examinations. This year, the Library is trialling later opening hours during Revision Week 16-20 May.  The library will be open and staffed from 09:30 through to 19:00, allowing students more time to study uninterrupted in the Reading Room.  As usual, a little extra chocolate help will be on offer to aid the revision…

West Road Concert Hall Copyright: Alice Boagey

West Road Concert Hall
Copyright: Alice Boagey

Recital performances for Part 1A (1st years) and Part 1B (2nd year) students are taking place this week in the Concert Hall.  The Part II (final year) students who have chosen to take the Advanced Performance paper will, in June, present an instrumental or vocal recital of 25-35 minutes on stage before an audience of staff, fellow students, Internal and External Examiners.  There is also a Choral Performance option covering plainchant notation, singing from a facsimile choir-book, singing prepared pieces of choral repertoire (one from the sixteeth century) as part of a formal rehearsal with a vocal consort, and leading a performance within a vocal consort from an edition prepared by the candidate.

Manual binding machine, Pendlebury Library Copyright: Helen Snelling

Manual binding machine, Pendlebury Library
Copyright: Helen Snelling

The Pendlebury Library now has a manual binding machine available for student use,  situated in the Audio Room.  You can purchase a binding pack for £1.00 from the Library Issue desk, comprising comb binder, clear acetate cover and embossed card back sheet.   Full instructions are supplied, together with scrap paper so that you can practice before entrusting your work to the binder… just don’t leave it until the morning of your deadline!

RME Babyface audio interface Copyright: RME

RME Babyface audio interface
Copyright: RME

The new digital recording equipment purchased for the Faculty is in frequent use as students record their compositions for submission to the examiners.  The two handheld recorders are proving popular, as is the “Babyface” – a a portable recording interface device small enough to fit in the hand, yet capable of passing a total of 22 channels of audio. Beneath its smart,  surface lurk two mic preamps, an instrument input, two headphone outputs, stereo line out and eight‑channel ADAT I/O.  Borrowing of this equipment is available to Music Faculty students on a one-day loan.

Stalin's Music Prize, Marina Frolova-Walker. Copyright: Helen Snelling

Stalin’s Music Prize, Marina Frolova-Walker. Copyright: Yale University Press

Finally, the library has one or two notable new additions to stock.  Our own Professor of Music History, Marina Frolova-Walker, has published her latest book, “Stalin’s Music Prize”.  This fascinating history takes a new look at musical life in Stalin’s Soviet Union, and focuses on the musicians and composers who received Stalin Prizes, awarded annually to artists whose work was thought to represent the best in Soviet culture.  Marina’s book will be formally launched at the British Academy on Friday 29th April 2016, alongside Pauline Fairclough’s book “Classics for the Masses: shaping musical identity under Lenin and Stalin”.

Alfred Brendel Complete Philips Recordings

Alfred Brendel Complete Philips Recordings Copyright: Decca

We have also purchased the boxed set of Alfred Brendel’s Complete Philips Recordings, bringing together for the first time one of the most extensive discographies of any pianist. Once catalogued, the individual recordings will be available for loan.  The 114-CD set is divided into four parts and also includes an illustrated book with photographs and Alfred Brendel’s personal reflections on his career:
Part 1  Mozart, Bach and Haydn
Part 2  Beethoven
Part 3  The Romatics
Part 4  Chamber, Lieder and Live Recordings.

So, several reasons to come and visit the Pendlebury Library… and if the exam pressures are too much, come and borrow a CD or DVD for pleasure, or the score of something to play for relaxation…








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