What’s new at the Pendlebury?

Now that we are well into the swing of Lent Term, I thought for this week’s post I would do a quick update on what’s new at the Pendlebury Library!


Scores and CD sale

We have some boxes of scores and CDs to give away in the library. These are going like hot cakes, so do come and have a browse through the give-away boxes and help yourself! Expand your sheet music or CD collection for free!

New digital recording equipment 
The faculty has recently purchased two Zoom H1 Portable Digital Recorders for student use. These recorders can be borrowed on a one-day loan from the Pendlebury. In the same way as DVDs and CDs, you borrow one day, and it will be due back before the library closes the following day. Though if you borrow a recorder on a Friday, then it will be due back on Monday, giving you a whole weekend to use it.

Happily, these recorders arrived just in time to be useful in the Introduction to Sound Recording lecture series given by producer and engineer Myles Eastwood of Eastwood Records. A good opportunity to see these recorders in action, and a very interesting-looking programme.

Here is some information, and the lecture list (with thanks to Myles!):

This is a practical course designed to teach the basics of sound recording. You will not need any technical knowledge to take the course; it is aimed at students and staff who want to document their performances and compositions, or who simply wish to learn more about recording. Each week we will work with a different performer or ensemble to record a short piece of music. The course will begin with the most basic form of recording: using the handheld recorder recently made available at the Pendlebury Library. Each week we will up the stakes in terms of venue, microphones and musical genre, and we will also learn the basics of postproduction so you can prepare your recordings for submission or distribution. The sessions will be on Thursdays at 1pm except in Week 7 when we will meet on a Wednesday. Please also note that three of the sessions will be longer than an hour. To sign up, please email myles@eastwoodrecords.co.uk

Wednesday 10th February, 12:30pm-1:45pm (Recital Room) – Lecture 2: Microphones, Cables & Strings

Thursday 11th February, 1-2pm (CMS Studio) – Lecture 3: Postproduction (i) Listening and Basic Editing

Thursday 18th February, 1:00-2:15pm (venue TBC) – Lecture 4: Choral Recording on Location

Thursday 25th February, 1-2pm (CMS Studio) – Lecture 5: Postproduction (ii) Advanced Editing, Reverb and Burning CDs

Wednesday 2nd March, 1:00-2:30pm (CMS Studio) – Lecture 6: Multitracking a Jazz Trio

Thursday 10th March, 1-2pm (CMS Studio) – Lecture 7: Postproduction (iii) Mixing and Mastering

New items added to stock

As always, you can see a selection of the newest books added to stock on the stand near the library issue desk. These are book jackets taken from most recent arrivals. If anything catches your fancy, a quick look inside the jacket will tell you the book’s library classmark.


Some of my favourite recent audio-visual arrivals include Anne Boleyn’s Songbook (CD.K.364), Joshua Bell: Bach (CD.S.261), and Monteverdi in Mantua (DVD.A.54).

Remember that you can always check out our Pinterest boards to see some of the latest additions!

If you find yourself casting about for things to do in the faculty once the library is closed for the day, the West Road Concert Hall programme of events is always there to save the day. With Iolanthe and A Midsummer Night’s Dream coming up, as well as the usual Tuesday lunchtime concerts, it will be impossible to be bored!


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