A new facsimile room

It is now official; the annexe microfilm reading room has become a closed access store for historical collections, whilst our brand new “facsimile room” -soon the be officialy named- is in use.

We are still in process of arranging the collections and making changes in furniture and equipment, but the most important items are in place. We think the room already looks fantastic and the atmosphere will be even better when it is completely finished. The room is right at the entrance, off the locker room, which makes it available on Saturday mornings during term time.

Facsimile cupboard

Facsimile cupboard; photographed by Hannah Haines.

What is the difference with the previous microfilm reading room? The main principle is the same. It is a library space, providing equipment to consult microfilms and fiches together with digital images and facsimile reproductions. It is open to all library users, but there may be times when some teaching is taking place by academic members of staff using the resources. We always hope to be able to announce well in advance when this might take place.

As far as library use is concerned, staff and students can sign in at the issue desk as before. We do ask that, at least for the time being, the room is only used by readers needing the resources that are kept there. Demand is quite high at times, so we need to prioritize. Readers wanting to consult a small number of facsimiles can do so in our main reading room – we are always happy to fetch. The facsimiles are kept in locked cupboards so there is less opportunity to browse the collections. If you need to do so, please get in touch with us before you come to the library so we can explain how it can be arranged.

We hope you will enjoy your new library space.


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