Pendlebury space

Door to facsimile reading room

Door to new library space. Photograph by Clemens Gresser

Building and rebuilding, evaluating plans and organising contractors is not something that immediately comes to mind when asked “What is it librarians actually do?” Having been a professional librarian for over 15 years now, I’ve had to answer this question more times than I can remember, yet strangely enough it’s never been part of my answer, despite it having been pretty much a continuous feature right from day one.

The latest of these projects is happening at the Pendlebury Library. If you are a Pendlebury reader, you may have noticed the mysterious appearance of a door in the middle of the locker room. This door will at some point later this year open up to a brand new facsimile and microfilm reading room, the official and less elaborate name to be announced soon.

In this room we are planning to have all facsimiles, microfilms and fiches and digital images brought together, and we will provide all the equipment needed for the study of these resources. The door will be a locked room and will provide study spaces as in the current room. What is currently the annexe microfilm reading room, will become a fully closed access area were we can bring all pre-1900 materials together.

We are also preparing to move computer access to the AV room, which is open on Saturdays, to ensure readers who don’t have Wifi ready devices with them can still access all library resources. This will then free up some more space in the current annexe room so we are very pleased indeed to have this opportunity to extend the library.

All this is happening thanks to full and generous support from the Faculty and we are very excited over upcoming changes. During the year we will also be preparing for the introduction of a self-issue system in addition to the issue desk by the start of the next academic year.


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