Pendlebury Hoya Carnosa

Next time you are in the Pendlebury Library, cast your eyes upwards at the issue desk… you may be in time to see our Hoya Carnosa in bloom!

Hoya Carnosa bloom, Pendlebury Library

For those of you who remember Library Assistant Sue Soame, she said that the trailing plant (also known as the Wax or Honey Plant) had been in the Pendlebury for as long as she had been there, and she joined in 1994.  So we had to go back further to a member of staff, Sandra Dawe, who remembered it arriving in the mid-1980’s.  So now we estimate it has probably been winding its way around the wooden beams and light fittings for approaching 30 years!

Hoya Carnosa, Pendlebury Library

The Hoya produces clusters of attractive, star shaped, pink-white blossoms in spring or summer. The delicate flowers are quite unique, budding from a spur.  When in bud, they appear to be made of pink waxy plastic, before blooming into a sphere.  After flowering, the flowers shrink and dry to a velvety feel, before dropping off.

If you want to have a look, you will need to be quick, as the flowers will only last a couple of weeks!


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