IAML (UK & Irl) Excellence Award for Music Collections

At the latest IAML (UK & Irl) Annual Study Weekend the Music Collections (University Library and Pendlebury Library of Music) have received the 2012 Excellence Award for Music Libraries. This award is a professional recognition of good practice and good services and we are very pleased that the joint submission in the context of the music pilot has been recognised as being “excellent”.

IAML(Uk & Irl) Excellence Award 2012

To put it in the words of the Award panel: “Cambridge University’s library is one of the UK and Ireland’s key legal deposit libraries and as such draws together special collections – many of them containing unique and rare materials – representing a national collection of the greatest significance. Of particular interest is the initiative now in its second year, to manage both the CUL and Music Faculty’s Pendlebury Library as a single entity. This is a good example of pragmatic collaboration which has the potential for further fruitful development. The Staff are formidably qualified and the active support of volunteers undertaking work on the collections, which would otherwise go unrecognised, is remarkable. Engagement with a very broad range of
users is actively pursued, most recently with a blog (MusiCB3) having immediate appeal to students and many beyond. Overall these two libraries stand at a key moment in their development, and their cooperative achievement should not be underestimated.”

We are still awaiting the official press release, but will spread the word when it arrives.

Clemens receiving the Excellence Award

The 2012 Awards panel was chaired by Professor Jan Smaczny of Queen’s University, Belfast. The ceremony took place in Cardiff, and Clemens went to represent the Music Collections.

To end this blog a quote from Professor Smaczny’s speech that says it all: “The roster of excellence before us shows, more powerfully than any words of mine, that the very musical infrastructure of the United Kingdom and Ireland depends fundamentally on the work of music librarians”


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5 Responses to IAML (UK & Irl) Excellence Award for Music Collections

  1. Sasha Valeri Millwood says:

    Congratulations on the award: I suppose it is particularly impressive for a legal deposit library to attain this given that the criteria allow for any size of library. I hope that Dr Gresser had a big audience at the ceremony?


  2. cg474 says:

    Thank you! I think it was well attended – though mostly it was music librarians in the audience.


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