Music collections survey

As part of the music pilot – this is the three year project where the music collections at the University Library and Pendlebury Library of Music are managed by the same music librarians – we are, amongst other things, looking at how we can improve and develop music collections and services with the user at the centre.

As part of this project we have launched a music collections survey in which we are asking questions about a wide range of issues to as wide an audience as possible.

Some of these questions relate to collection development. Until not that long ago, collection development was entirely focussed on content and which titles to buy. Nowadays of course we also have to consider format: which titles to buy in print (or other physical formats for AV etc.) and which to buy “e”. There is also the little matter of there being so much more out there to select from than there used to be. So, how should we go about ensuring we select what is most relevant?

There are many answers and the survey is certainly part of it, as are online or other user recommendations. We like to have feedback to make sure that what we think our users need is also really what they want. By regularly having these “reality checks” we can then go about updating the library collection development policies that form such an excellent starting point for building consistent and good quality collections.

Within the music pilot project we now also have the added opportunity for ensuring that the respective collection development policies not only stay up to date with what’s out there in the wider world, but also with what is just across the road, so we can aim to offer as much information as possible, in whichever format is most suitable in whichever location is most practical.

The music survey will run until December 17, so there is still time to participate and enter our prize draw of Brian Jordan vouchers. Many thanks to all of you who have already replied!


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