More than just checking classmarks

Example of a broken box for unbound sheet music ; photographed by Sarah Chapman

Example of a broken box for unbound sheet music ; photographed by Sarah Chapman

I’m not kidding myself, this headline won’t be a crowd puller; but “Inspection Week 2011” would not have been much more exciting either. However, before you stop reading, this post is about some things we have done during this inspection, which finishes tomorrow.

We have removed pre-1900 reference books (classmark MRR) from the shelves in the Anderson Room, and are in the process of transferring these volumes to closed access; click here for a list of titles with old MRR/open access classmarks and their new classmarks. As you can see from the list, 23 titles have been removed and some are mutli volumes; temporarily there will therefore be “odd gaps” on our shelves. Some of these titles will not be missed by many, as newer editions exist.

Shelf of boxes (unbound music)

Shelf of boxes (unbound music) ; photographed by Sarah Chapman

Also, we used some of this week to rebox more than 150 broken or fragile boxes of nineteenth-century, so-called secondary, sheet music. I won’t go into much detail about the intriguing and exciting holdings we have, as Margaret has planned to write about them soon. However: just to say that whilst replacing some of the existing boxes, we came across a couple of interesting items (maybe more about them another time?). But I thought it might be interesting for you to get some visual impressions of some of these boxes – as normally only UL staff can see them.

Broken and discarded boxes ; photographed by Sarah Chapman

Broken and discarded boxes ; photographed by Sarah Chapman

Of course we also did some checking of classmarks, but unfortunately – as every year – we did not manage to do all these jobs which are usually not possible when the library is open. (We wouldn’t want to disturb our readers with some of the actions and noises which happen when we tackle certain tasks.) So there is still enough to do next year – including continuing to replace some old boxes.



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