6 months of music pilot

Pilot Lego

Pilot Lego, photo taken by Pasukaru (http://www.flickr.com/photos/pasukaru76/) ; some rights reserved

Earlier this month, the music pilot has passed its first 6 month milestone. So what has happened and how do we feel about it? And, perhaps more importantly, what are we planning to do from now on and how do our library users feel about it?

The answer to the first question would be: a lot. We have worked very hard on bringing collections and services together and on promoting the music collections as a whole. Not only do we now have a joint blog to ponder about music related issues, we have also extended joint research skills sessions and introduced a joint brochure, have ensured the respective web pages complement rather than duplicate each other and can much more easily provide answers to queries relating to “the other side” when users at the Anderson Room ask questions about the Pendlebury Library and vice versa. We are also in a much better position to develop collections in a more coherent way, again prioritising in the direction of complementarities rather than duplication. So I would say that as librarians, we are rather pleased about these aspects of the pilot. It isn’t always easy to work in two different locations, but so far, the results seem to be worth the effort.

So what are we going to do from now on? A lot of fine tuning of processes and procedures is definitely on the agenda, as is exploring areas we haven’t quite gotten round to. There are many librarian things such as cataloguing for example that are still screaming for our attention. However, we would also be very interested to see what our library users think about what we have done so far and about what they would have expected to happen, so we are planning a first modest questionnaire within the next two weeks or so. So, watch your inbox – we’ll be in touch soon!

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