The Julian Andrews Collection

Louis Armstrong meets Julian Andrews

Louis Armstrong meets Julian Andrews, taken in the early 1960s by unknown photographer. By permission of Patricia Andrews.

Most libraries receive donations, and some times a donated item goes to a library because it is not needed any more by the owner. At other times, someone dies and leaves a collection of scores, recordings, or books – or items in all of these formats. The Pendlebury Library has recently received a donation of LPs, CDs, tapes, videos and 78s which was particularly generous, useful and timely. It has been named The Julian Andrews Collection.

Julian Andrews (1934-2010) was a member of Gonville & Caius College. He read French and Russian, and Part II in the Law Tripos. The more than 700 LPs and at least 300 CDs will be extremely useful for teaching this academic year. Rachel Ambrose Evans has compiled a list of all the LPs Julian Andrews’ widow donated, which we now have uploaded to our web page (see

Sam Barrett who is teaching two Jazz courses this year (Pt II Miles Davis and Pt IB American Jazz) said that the LPs and CDs will ‘prove extremely useful’ for both of his courses. He evaluated the The Julian Andrews Collection by describing it as

Count Basie, some time between 1946 and 1948; photo by William P. Gottlieb (public domain)

Count Basie, some time between 1946 and 1948; photo by William P. Gottlieb (public domain)

an invaluable addition to our growing library of jazz recordings. The LPs demonstrate that Julian Andrews was a passionate and discerning collector of Swing music old and new, as well as a keen follower of all styles of British jazz. Not only are major figures such as Armstrong, Basie, Bechet and Ellington well represented, but the collection includes many recordings by less feted musicians such as Sandy Brown and Edmond Hall. There should be something for everyone interested in jazz amongst the many LPs, which cover recordings from the 1920s through to the 1980s. The collection of CDs is also substantial, containing the complete output on major labels of several leading jazz musicians.

Some of the CDs from the Julian Andrews Collection are currently still in the process of being catalogued, but we hope to have finished processing them very soon. Until then, why not check the finding aid for the LPs, ask for an LP, and give some of these discs a spin? (Please note: no LPs can be borrowed from the Pendlebury Library.) I’m sure there is something for everyone interested in Jazz in the collection. If you find a CD or LP from this collection particularly useful, exciting or enjoyable, please let us know.

About Clemens Gresser

Between August 2010 and September 2021 I worked as a librarian at the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK); the last six years of that time I was at the Faculty of Divinity Library. Between August 2010 and November 2013 I was the Deputy Head of Music at Cambridge University Library and at the Pendlebury Library of Music. Between December 2013 and September 2015 I was the Librarian at the Marshall Library of Economics. Since September 2021 I have been the Heythrop Librarian at the London Jesuit Centre.
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